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3 juillet 2015
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Population (2006): 370
Surface area: 84,25
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Église de Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix

Built on the edge of the Appalachian plateau, the church and village of Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix dominate the St. Lawrence plain. There are several points from which the mountains in the Charlevoix region, across the St. Lawrence River, can be seen. The sometimes deep valleys, like that of the Mariakèche River, are a lovely contrast to the landscape of the agro-forestry plateau. Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix has an undeniable country charm.

In spite of the less than fertile land and the growing importance of the forest, Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix has some dynamic agricultural businesses, such as honey and mead producers whose products are well-known.


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