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La MRC de Rivière-du-Loup - La vraie vie
6 juillet 2015
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The Economy

The Rivière-du-Loup MRC (RCM, Regional County Municipalities)
The data speaks for itself
  • 1,800 businesses create over 16,500 jobs (list of activity sectors).
  • Over 1,900 people are self-employed.
  • ± 17% growth in total number of jobs over a five year period.
  • The MRC is a clear manpower importer.

The hub of the transport axis, the Rivière-du-Loup MRC, consists of 13 municipalities, 12 rural communities and the one urban center which has 56% of the MRC’s population. There are 33,305 citizens within the MRC territory which covers 1,302 sq. km. The dynamic Rivière-du-Loup MRC has a lot of potential for development and is one of the few Lower St. Lawrence territories to have experienced, in 2006, a population increase.

Recognized as the most industrialized in the Lower St. Lawrence region, the Rivière-du-Loup MRC has infrastructures which enable it to support its development:

Viandes du Breton
  • three structured industrial parks,
  • municipal industrial zones,
  • industrial “motels” ,
  • a Crossroads of the New Economy (CNE), (somewhat like an industrial park)
  • a seaport,
  • an airport.

According to the Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, in 2006 the MRC placed 39 out of 103 MRC(s) and territories for its economic development and economic activities, representing a rise of 17 places within a five year period.

The MRC’s economy is diversified and dynamic with a strong industrial sector, major natural resources and services for the population that compare with those of large centers.

  • The tertiary sector generates 71.6% of the jobs;
  • the secondary sector, 20.2%;
  • the primary sector, 8.2%.
What distinguishes the Rivière-du-Loup region is how nature plays a part in daily life and the urban planning which is the envy of large centers...A sought-after tourist destination, the region illustrates how to preserve the harmony, on the one hand, between exploiting natural resources and promoting and improving environmental assets, and on the other hand, between rural and urban qualities.


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