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24 avril 2014
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Infrastructures for new arrivals

Over 3 million sq.m in industrial parks

The Rivière-du-Loup MRC has three structured industrial parks located in Rivière-du-Loup, Cacouna and Saint-Cyprien, as well as municipal industrial zones.

CharacteristicsCacounaRivière-du-Loup ExterneSaint-Cyprien
Person in authorityObtenir la carte d’affaire Thérèse DubéObtenir la carte d’affaire Michel MorinObtenir la carte d’affaire Sanny Beaulieu
Title of aboveDirectrice généraleMaireDirectrice générale
OrganizationMunicipalité de CacounaVille de Rivière-du-LoupMunicipalité de St-Cyprien
Address415, rue Saint-Georges65, rue Hôtel-de-Ville, C.P.37101 B, rue Collin
Postal codeG0L 1G0G5R 3Y7G0L 2P0
Access to natural gasNoNoNo
Railway access4 kmdirect42 km
Maritime access0,5 km12 km48 km
Highway access• Bypass road
• Freeway Jean-Lesage (20)
• Route 132
• Bypass road
• Freeway Jean-Lesage (20)
• Route 85
• Route 132
• Bypass road
• Routes 132 and 293
• Routes 185 and chemin Taché
Type of groundSand, rockRock and otherRock and other
TopographyPlain, hillyPlain, hillyPlain
550 V electricity accessyesyesyes
Water Main accessyesyesyes
Total surface area1 901 850 sq. m1 525 375 sq. m161 450 sq. m
Area available1 401 510 sq. m278 000 sq. m113 850 sq. m
Load-carrying capacityno details19 530 to 29 296 kg/sq. mno details
Price of land in sq. m2,69/sq. m4,85/sq. m0,43/sq. m
Financial programTax credit program Tax credit program Téléchargement (43 ko)Local development program

Industrial “motels”

To facilitate the start up of companies, rented space is available at reasonable prices in Riviére-du-Loup and Saint-Cyprien for the installation of new businesses or expansion projects.

Rivière-du-Loup’s industrial “motel” corporation

Do you have a project? The Rivière-du-Loup Industrial “Motel” Corporation offers a built-to-suit construction in the Rivière-du-Loup industrial park. Contrary to traditional models of industrial “motels”, the new concept is to build to accommodate the function and needs of the entrepreneur’s project.

Job-creating businesses with a project for starting up, expanding or consolidating are eligible, with the priority going to the manufacturing sector. Other sectors can also be considered such as high value-added information technologies, recycling activities and research laboratories.

Basic characteristics
Industrial-grade building: good load carrying capacity, independent 500 amp electrical service entry, loading dock, garage door, restrooms, office space, minimum 20-foot high ceilings, and parking area.

Rental fee
A rate will be proposed according to specified needs and terms so that the renter will have the opportunity to purchase the building, after a certain period, that is, an option to buy (price determined in accordance with the original cost of the building).

Are you interested? Contact the CLD at 418 862-1823 or the SADC at 418 867-4272 for further information.

Crossroads of the New Economy (CNE)

Located in the town of Rivière-du-Loup, the Crossroads of the New Economy Externe (Carrefour de la nouvelle économie) offers eligible businesses, which engage in innovative activities, the possibility of benefiting from an advantageous fiscal measure.


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