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23 avril 2014
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New arrivals and immigrants

Anyone who wants to live in the region is welcome.

Portrait : Enfants sur le bord du fleuve

#1 877 Vraie vie

Are you thinking of settling
in the Rivière-du-Loup region?

Do you have any questions?

Dial 1 877 VRAIE VIE
(1 877 872-4384)

You can get, free of charge, all the information you want concerning real life in the Rivière-du-Loup MRC: education, healthcare, culture, recreation, sports, environment, housing, etc.

We have real answers!
Just make the right decision, and you’ll be living the real life…


You are an immigrant and looking for a pleasant place to settle!

An immigration resource is available to help you with the process and to offer you and your entire family a warm welcome. It may be for finding work, for help when moving in, or for helping your integration into the region:

Contact the service at 1 877 VRAIE VIE
(1 877 872-4384)

For a list of available job positions in the region, write to: vCard Odile René

Here is the French only brochure on immigration services: Immigration Download (1 187 ko)


Exit 509
Take the 509 exit, your virtual access ramp to RDL!

Exit (Sortie) 509 is a French networking site which wants to provide, above all, a place for the region’s new arrivals, as well as the local population, to meet and talk in order to encourage the sharing of information and creation of social activities.

For something new, try Sortie 509 ! Externe


Welcoming newcomers and family support policies

Many of the territory’s municipalities have set up welcoming newcomers and family support policies. To learn more: Please communicate with the relevant municipality.

The object of a policy for welcoming newcomers is to create the best conditions possible to welcome and integrate new residents into a municipality’s territory. As for a family support policy, its aim is to better a family’s quality of life by offering services which responds to its needs, especially in regard to, among other things, recreation and culture, education, heath, safety, housing and the environment.


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