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The environment and waste management

Various service providers and organizations from the territory of the Rivière-du-Loup MRC have promoted several innovative initiatives to respond to big environmental challenges and to integrate sustainable development values into how they are carried out.

In particular, to conform with the 1998-2008 Québec policy on waste management, the Rivière-du-Loup MRC’s Board of Directors, in 2004, adopted its waste management plan (PGMR) (French only document) Suite... (1 203 ko)). This plan proposes actions and ways to promote them in order to attain the policy’s objectives of reducing material in landfills and increasing reusable, recyclable and value-added material. Of course, the citizens themselves have an essential role to play in reaching these objectives.

The MRC is a partner of the Collectivités écologiques Bas-Saint-Laurent Externe (a Lower St. Lawrence ecological organization) for the implementation of waste management within its territory.

Here is an overview of services for MRC residents.

For more information:
  • For the schedule of the various collections, consult the calendar from your municipality and for more specifics consult the reminder memo Suite... (167 ko).
Residential waste collection (for landfill)

To know when garbage is collected is in your sector and the “rules”, contact your municipality or check the calendars that some municipalities make available.

Recyclable material collection (blue container, selective)

The selective collection of recyclable material such as paper, carton, glass, plastic and metal operates for the majority of residential buildings found in the MRC municipalities. For more specifics concerning accepted and rejected material or the recycling guidelines, check the reminder memo Suite... (167 ko)

Organic material collection (brown container)

The MRC territory is working on a special collection for organic or decomposable waste material which is of use in the methanation process to produce biogas and high quality agricultural fertilizers.

Other materials and drop off sites

For all other waste material not going to residential waste or recyclable material collection, such as furniture, household appliances, mattresses, computer and electronic equipment, clothes and textiles, tires, hazardous household waste (batteries, solvents, paints, pesticides, etc.) leaves, branches and Christmas trees, you can:

  • take them to the eco-center Externe serving your municipality, or;
  • watch for certain special collections (large or bulky items, Christmas trees, etc.) that municipalities sometimes offer, or;
  • drop off some of these materials at various authorized retailers or drop sites.
To learn more about eco-friendly choices
Collectivités écologiques Bas-Saint-Laurent

Consult the site Co-éco Externe or call 1-888-856-5552 to learn more about home composting, grass recycling, salvaging used heirlooms, or tips and advice for making eco-friendly choices.


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